E & Y assets | About The Team
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About The Team

Eli Hen moved to New York in 2007 to obtain his bachelors in finance. After graduating from Touro college in 2011 as cum laude, Eli had started working as an independent investor in mortgage backed securities, and mortgage related equities. In 2012 Eli opened his own investment company, and he is the founder and managing partner of EY Assets, LLC (EY Assets), a Florida based mortgage/real estate investment firm. Eli has experience purchasing and settling subprime mortgage notes, tax deeds, and properties through short sales. Eli has had extensive experience dealing with the south Florida courts on the settlement of foreclosures and issuance of loan modifications and has been called as an expert on many such cases.  His focus remains purchasing financial instruments that provide an opportunity to obtain real estate below market value. Eli leads a team of lawyers, real estate brokers, and contractors to deliver value to his investors on a consistent basis.

Richard P. Zaretsky settled in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1975 after obtaining his law degree cum laude from Delaware Law School of Widener University. He is a graduate of Syracuse University, earning his BA in Economics. First working as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida, he opened a private practice of law in 1978, and continues his practice today in the same West Palm Beach location. Although Mr. Zaretsky started his practice with the general practice of law, he strove to specialize in real estate matters. The result is that Mr. Zaretsky was Board Certified in Real Property Law in 1995 by the Florida Bar, and now practices in the areas of real estate law (both transactional and litigation) and commercial transactions. He is principal in the law firm of Richard P. Zaretsky, P.A., whose attorneys provide legal services in real estate and business transactions, state and federal taxation, estate planning and administration, family law, immigration, and civil litigation. Mr. Zaretsky is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, their highest rating for attorneys.

Abraham “Max” Zaretsky, is a native of Palm Beach County. After graduating from Columbia University in 2001, he co-founded Zemaso Management Company which created and managed a private investment fund that originated senior and mezzanine mortgage loans on investment properties in South Florida. Mr. Zaretsky has also arranged financing transactions for individuals and companies statewide and nationwide. While managing Zemaso, Max also organized and licensed All America Reverse Mortgage as a Florida Lender focused on making Reverse Mortgages. Max acted as the principal broker and operated the entity until late 2009.
At that time, Max became deeply involved with Richard P. Zaretsky PA, and was integral in building the firm to nationwide recognition in the fields of distressed financial workouts for lenders and borrowers. Max managed the firms operation’s in these areas until 2010 at which time he chose to earn his Juris Doctor degree, which he was able to earn in just 30 months, graduating Magna Cum Laude and with honors in 2012 from Nova Southeastern University.